Friday, September 23, 2011

Blessed be, Tehuti!

COC003: As Heru-ur and Sutekh try to destroy each other day in and day out, we recognize that light always comes and darkness always comes. The god Tehuti regulates the violence and creates balance by not allowing either god to destroy the other. "…in his capacity as regulator of the strife which existed between the two gods [he] was called Ap-rehu … or 'Judge of the two opponent gods'." (The Gods of the Egyptians v2, p. 242).

Tehuti was known to the Greeks as Thoth, and their god Hermes was nearly identical in control and capacity. Thoth and Hermes were combined in their roles and recognized as Hermes Trismegistus, by early followers of esoteric thought. I often associate the effect of Tehuti with the Hermit in cartomancy, as well. In addition to being a cosmic arbitrator, Tehuti is the god of balance, of knowledge, of wisdom, of philosophy.

Today is the Autumnal Equinox, where we have equal night and day. Sutekh grows stronger and our lives become darker and darker in the coming months. In honor of the god of balance, I present the second woodcut in this series, "The Asterism of Tehuti." This is my representation of the stars Lanx Australis, Lanx Borealis and Brachium, which are within Libra, and each star has 9 rays. The final installment of this trilogy will be unveiled under the darkest day this year.

Drawn, carved and printed by hand.
Black water-based ink on white Rives 100lb paper.
Edition of 9

$9 ppd US/CAN
$11 ppd World

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