Friday, November 23, 2012

Temple of Set and Crown of Cerberus tapes are available

After countless production delays, Cult of Craft is proud to finally announce the move from merely publishing visual art to release sonic work in the same esoteric vein of the woodcuts that preceded them.

Temple of Set "s/t" C32
Dark and unrelenting. Four tracks of harsh, power drone. Distorted, low end oscillations, and swaths of mid range static pound against the walls and shake the hanging ropes of incense smoke. This is the sound of pure darkness tearing the world apart. First release from this Twin Cities duo.
Packaging consists of a handmade, grimoire style u-card with a ribbon that binds the cassette within.
Limited edition of 51

Sample track "I":

Crown of Cerberus "Her Strength" C32
Gentle and uplifting. 10 tracks of powerful wavering drones and loops fill you with all that you could be missing. Ethereal female voices and field recordings bath you in light and sonic pleasure. This is the follow-up to Crown's "Strength" on Human Ignorance, and this is the most cohesive release by this Bay Area tape loop guru so far.
The tape is wrapped in a 4x8 woodcut print, bound by a purple ribbon. Artwork inspired by the music it holds. This is essentially the image that I saw when I first heard the music. Hand drawn design, hand carved relief cut, hand printed. I know Mack is very proud of this release, and I feel great pride in complimenting (what I consider to be) his magnum opus in a visual capacity.
Limited edition of 49

Sample track "At the Steps of Her Throne":

Both releases are on Type II, high bias COBALT tapes to give the extra volume bump and maintain the classic tape sound. Both tapes come in a resealable poly bag to protect the artwork (and to make it easy to pack back up if you're too lazy to retie them).

Prices include US postage:
Crown of Cerberus =  SOLD OUT
Temple of Set = SOLD OUT